Swati Enjoys a Busy Caucus Night

Swati Enjoys a Busy Caucus Night


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Swati Dandekar Enjoys a Busy Caucus Night

Swati Dandekar had a busy Caucus night yesterday, traveling to five different sites in Linn County to greet the enthusiastic Democratic activists willing to brave the cold. “I always enjoy taking the time to visit with my local Democratic friends. They are the backbone of our party, and they are the reason we are going to keep the 1st District in Democratic hands.”

Dandekar started the night at Jefferson High School in Southwest Cedar Rapids, bringing cookies for the organizers responsible for setting up and administering the caucuses. She was able to greet many of the caucusers as they arrived, hugging her campaign co-chair, Sen. Wally Horn (D-Cedar Rapids), and Rep. Todd Taylor (D-Cedar Rapids), before dashing off to her next stop: Harding Middle School, in NE Cedar Rapids.

Swati arrived at Harding as they were beginning the Caucus introduction, and was able to greet the roughly fifty Democrats assembled at the site. “I’ve always been a Democrat, and I’m proud to be a Democrat, because we work hard. Seeing you all here tonight just reminds me how much I love being a Democrat.” Dandekar said to the crowd. She thanked Rep. Art Staed (D-Cedar Rapids), also in attendance, for the hard work he does in Des Moines for his constituents.

Dandekar rushed to Oak Ridge Elementary School, in Marion, in time to greet the twenty activists that assembled there, including Linn County Auditor Joel Miller, before they adjourned. She thanked them for their dedication to the Democratic Party, and the work they did to help elect her to the State Senate in 2008.

After Oak Ridge, Dandekar hurried to her own Caucus, at KTOS – Kirkwood Training and Outreach Services in Marion – in time to check in and elect new members of the Linn County Central Committee, and delegates to the Linn County Democratic Convention, to be held on March 8. Dandekar hugged site leader Gretchen Lawyer as she arrived, greeted Rep. Daniel Lundby (D-Marion), and thanked her friends and neighbors, many of whom had volunteered on each of her six campaigns for Linn-Mar School District Board, Iowa State House, and Iowa Senate.

Finally, Dandekar headed to Washington High School, where roughly half the crowd still remained, including Linn County Supervisor Linda Langston, discussing various additions to the Democratic party platform, and tallying the votes from the earlier elections. Swati posed for pictures with her close friend Sen. Robb Hogg (D-Cedar Rapids), and a number of the caucusers finishing their work.


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