I loved President Obama’s State of the Union Speech!

I loved President Obama’s State of the Union Speech!

I loved President Obama’s State of the Union speech last night, and was very excited to see that his agenda so closely mirrors my own! The President’s speech showed his priorities – expanding the opportunity brought by education, creating jobs for the future economy, and a recommitment to America’s core values.  I was glad he emphasized that our government must always support our troops and veterans who have sacrificed for us!

It was important that the President took the time to discuss changes we are making to address the problem of climate change.  We need to continue building a clean energy economy, as we have started to do here in Iowa with our investment in wind energy.  Furthermore, we should immediately restore all funding lost to cuts in research and development.  I truly believe that broadband access and new energy technologies will create our economic engines for the next century.

We must start to work together to fix our broken immigration system, including streamlining our application processes and starting a pathway to citizenship.  Congressional inaction is simply unacceptable.

Perhaps my favorite moment took place just after he spoke about the son of a single mother becoming President.  He said, “opportunity is who we are, and the defining project of our generation is to restore that promise.”  He was speaking of the American Dream, and the policies he promoted all focused on making that a possibility, not just for immigrants, but for all of our young people.  It is imperative that we re-invest in our children’s and our grandchildren’s futures by passing universal pre-kindergarten and by expanding funding for science, technology, engineering and math programs.  Finally, I agree that is high time we raised the minimum wage!

The President outlined a series of priorities with which most Americans can agree, and the facts are on his side.  As your Congresswoman, I will work every day to build a broad consensus, and to bring these proposals to fruition.


Warmest Regards,

Swati Dandekar

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